We got lucky. No two ways about it. Our tour guide was Adam who had only been with Acacia for a few months after returning to Melbourne, his hometown,following his being in the private tour business “up north” (which means the Northern Territories).

When we met him at the airport in his luxury Mercedes van we thought he was just our transfer to our hotel. Nope, he said he would get us checked in and then we were to head out on our city tour. We hit all the landmarks but along the way Adam would tell us about his experiences growing up as a child in Melbourne. That was way more interesting than a dry, monotonous script.

The next day Adam picked us up at 1:00 pm for our Phillip Island excursion. By now we were old pals so spending the day visiting the Koala Conservation Center, hiking the hills at the Nobbies and having dinner in Cowes was a great prelude for entering the Phillip Island Nature Park for the Penguin Parade. After enjoying the parade with a private park ranger we were relieved to see Adam waiting for us in the lobby. Some last minute souvenir hunting, with Adam’s blessing, then we were on our way back to the city. Thank goodness we had Adam to make the hour and a half drive in the middle of the night. We could not have been more pleased with Adam and Acacia Tours.


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